'African street' in Saigon

'African street' in Saigon

African men eat and drink, listen to loud music until late at night and quarrel and fight; many people are dating Vietnamese middle-aged women.

Nearly a hundred police blockade 'African street' in Saigon

One day after being inspected and administrated by the Ho Chi Minh City Police, around Khang Gia apartment building on Phan Huy Ich street (ward 14, Go Vap district), Africans still sat drinking beer, chatting, running the car goes around but sparser.

This area has 3 places where Africans often focus on eating, entertainment, and trading clothes. The shop is open in association with people of African descent, operating in the form of a nightclub, playing very loud music.

"They drank until midnight, it was not flat yet, there was a day of quarrels, fighting in an uproarious neighborhood where no one could sleep," said Hoai Lam (40 years old) living next to the apartment. two young men of color without a helmet rushed past.


Phi people are still concentrated in Khang Gia apartment area. Photo: Son Hoa

"About 20 days ago, a large crowd of Filipinos rushed to fight with each other very aggressively despite being discouraged. The scuffle was rioting throughout the neighborhood, the local police had to come and resolve this restaurant," said the representative of the area. Street 9, Ward 14, adds.

At a restaurant serving African people, the male staff who often talk to this community said that they are poor and some people know Vietnamese. "I have been working in the shop for 3 months, they are very strict in spending. I have never been given any money despite being well-known to serve foreigners. After 1,000-2,000 VND, they also regained it," the young man said.

According to Mr. Huynh Thanh Tung, head of the neighborhood, there are nearly 100 Africans renting this area, each with dozens of people. In the morning, they worked all kinds of jobs such as selling clothes at the shop, teaching at the English center ... But in the evening, many people were dating with middle-aged Vietnamese women gathered to drink and sing loudly. , disorder.

"Here, we see all Filipinos in the street, drinking in the shop. This area is like their street," Tung said.


Mini bar exclusively for Filipinos when police checked. Photo: N.V

Married Vietnamese, King (Nigerian) is the owner of a coffee shop and restaurant in the area. Talking about the African-American community here, King said they came from many countries such as Ghana, Algeria, Nigeria, Cameroon ... Many visa expired but no Vietnamese guarantee should have passed the "trigger" all 500 dollars, who No money for this service to live under.

King's shop attracts the most guests in the area, opened 7 months ago, but since the day the police checked the administration, this place was gradually absent. The man who spoke Vietnamese confirmed his shop still maintained order and security.

"There are good people everywhere, bad people. Most of us come here to work for a living, just like the Vietnamese people who live in the US, Canada ... Vietnam has the saying 'the worm makes the soup sad'. here too, only a few non-African people have disturbed our image, "King said.


The place was dubbed the "African zone" in Go Vap. Photo: N.V

Earlier, on the night of December 28, nearly a hundred police suddenly checked the restaurants and amusement parks here. Some people of African descent fled, or expressed opposition, leading the task force to use electric batons and other supportive tools to restore order. Near the middle of the night, the police took dozens of people who did not present their papers to their offices, many motorbikes were detained.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Pham Ngoc Tien, Deputy Head of Immigration Management (PA72) - Ho Chi Minh City Police - said, among 52 people sent to the office there were 16 cases being detained for undocumented, 8 people visa overdue up to 9 years. These people will be subject to administrative sanctions and deportation.

The move is part of a peak plan to crack down on crimes before New Year and the Chinese New Year.

Son Hoa

West wanders in Saigon

West wanders in Saigon

Each year Ho Chi Minh City has to spend more than half a billion dong to solve thousands of expatriate foreigners residing in the country, suffering from mental illness, kicking a stone, pretending to be poor and begging.

People in the area of ​​Nguyen Chich Street, Tan Phu District, in mid-November witnessed the elderly man eating, living on the sidewalk. The old man didn't have a phone, money, only a few pockets of ragged clothes. Passersby should give food and water.

When the authorities approached him, he displayed a passport named Peter (82 years old, Australian nationality) but could not answer the questions, sometimes remembering and forgetting. Without a separate storage facility, the authorities had to leave him on the sidewalk, waiting for the Australian Consulate to carry out his procedures to return home.
Or before that, male tourists in Canada naked, dancing, shouting "naughty" in Western Quarter, District 1. When the police took him to the headquarters, one day later he woke up, admitted using ghosts Drugs should be hallucinated and have expired in Vietnam.

Mr. Peter lived on the sidewalk for several days. Photo: provided by authorities.

Major Nguyen Minh Tuan, Head of Residence and Immigration Management Department of Immigration Department (PA72) of Ho Chi Minh City Police, said that these are the two typical examples of dozens of mentally and wandering foreigners who are mentally ill. in HCMC every year.

"It is not the function of the unit but we coordinate care and take them to the hospital to treat them awake. We do this in a humane way," said Tuan.

Since no agency regulations were provided to help them in the first place, they did not use the budget to resolve the problem, so officials had to pay for hospital fees. "Fortunately, most of the treatment was awake for a while, contacted with family members to pay for the hospital fee, if not sure we had to quit, but the cost amounted to hundreds of millions of dong," Mr. Tuan said.

West beggars

The situation of foreigners begging also often occurs in downtown Saigon. Recently, a tall man, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, asked for money on many streets in districts 1 and 2. On the sign in front of his chest, he said that his passport and phone were stolen. need help with money to get to the Embassy of Finland in Hanoi.

He was supported by many people and gave money, but when authorities approached to help, he avoided it.

Or in March, Benjamin Holst (German nationality) - known as "transnational begging" - appeared in Ho Chi Minh City for the second time. For many years, Holst asked for money throughout the streets of Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia ... Holst's Facebook page was filled with photos of him exploring places.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Pham Ngoc Tien - Head of Division PA72 of Ho Chi Minh City Police - considered these cases as isolated and opportunistic. When the detection function forces will check their entry purpose and remind. If they repeat, the unit will request an exit.

"Some of the tourists are running out of money, intentionally overstaying their deportations. The city has to spend money to buy air tickets for them to return home - this puts pressure on the industry and the budget," he said. to speak.

The guy "begging across the country" Benjamin Holst on Hoang Sa Street, near Cong Ly Bridge (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City). Photo: Facebook.

Africans violate the highest

HCMC police for many years have struggled to handle thousands of cases of people in African countries (mainly from Nigeria, Ghana ...) past their residency. Currently, they are concentrated in Go Vap, District 12 or other suburban areas.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Pham Ngoc Tien said the reason for this situation is because people from African countries have difficulties, go everywhere and find illegal accommodation to find work.

"This year the number of Africans who enter is smaller than the previous year, but the violation rate is high. For every 10 people, there are 7-8 cases of overdue residence, or fraud, gambling." Tien said.

At the beginning of the year, the PA72 Department has continuously inspected the venues, fined 1,200 violations (as citizens of all countries), deported 66 people, brought 2 people wandering into the social protection centers.

Before deportation, the verification of the identity of these people is also very difficult, sometimes it takes months because they refuse to declare, or declare fake names, fake nationalities. They all had no money, forcing the immigration guarantee organization to pay to buy air tickets for them to return home, but sometimes they had to spend the budget. Since the beginning of the year, Ho Chi Minh City has spent more than VND 500 million - particularly for these Africans.

"In the long term, to limit the cases of residence violations, the unit is proposing a measure to control the violators coming back in. PA72 also petitioned the competent authorities to remove the problems related to. mental foreigners, who cannot identify their identities; need to specify which agencies and funding sources for treating and treating them ", Mr. Tien said.

Earlier, at the end of 2015, Ho Chi Minh City police forces launched a large-scale raid on Khang Gia apartment area (Go Vap district), where many Africans reside. Through the inspection, police detained 21 people who could not produce identification. They are people who come to Vietnam for tourism but don't come over

Ho Chi Minh City recommends not giving money to beggars

Ho Chi Minh City recommends not giving money to beggars

The HCM City government urges people not to give beggars money on roads, public places and gateways.

A beggar at the crossroads of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai - Cach Mang Thang 8, District 1. Photo: Huu Khoa.

A beggar at the crossroads of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai - Cach Mang Thang 8, District 1. Photo: Huu Khoa.

Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Ho Chi Minh City has just proposed that the people of Ho Chi Minh City help the beggars and wandering through the charity organizations or socio-political organizations. Giving money directly will cause beggars to appear more in the city.

Districts are required to make a list of areas where people are often beggars, live in public places, plan on settling, or place in social protection centers. Neighborhoods with lots of temporary residents must be screened for the elderly, or unaccompanied children - likely being forced to beg for self-seeking by criminals .

The move was launched by the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, due to the re-export of beggars on roads, public places and city gateways. Many children and the elderly eat, sleep at the traffic lights to hang on, begging for money for travelers and tourists. In addition, many foreigners also beg for food in the heart of Saigon and crowded entertainment and recreation areas. They speak English, or hold a board to write foreign languages ​​with Vietnamese.

According to the Decision 49/2014 of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee, all beggars and vagrants must be taken to social protection centers. In 2018 alone, 1,800 people were brought into these centers. The situation of beggars in the city has decreased but recently relapsed.

In addition to recommending not to give money to beggars on the street, the Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs also provides 2 hotlines for people to report this situation to the authorities to handle.


He said he did not dare to know the inexperienced person like me

He said he did not dare to know the inexperienced person like me

He said he had a couple of relationships so the secret things were all gone through, and I didn't know anyone yet, he was still innocent.

I'm 24 years old but still haven't had a serious relationship. Friends rated me good, happy, positive think, able to do housework, cook, love animals. My appearance is not bad, good-looking, or smiling, sociable with people. My surroundings are many girls, if I have a son is also gay, and those who suit me have a girlfriend already. I am quite independent, no dirt, no dependency and do not know "drop hearing" or say sweet words. I know how to listen and share but are strong in everything, what a guy can do, I know a little bit well.

I used to talk to a brother. He said the girl has not loved anyone like me, he did not dare to know, saying I have no experience, so it is like recruiting people who need experience. He said he had a couple of relationships so the secret things were all gone through, and I didn't know anyone yet, he was still innocent. At first I found the conversation quite appropriate but his opinion made me uncomfortable. I don't know what boys mostly need from girls. Should I be a little weak? Am I too strong, guys see I'm stronger than them so no one would like it?


My wife wants me to quit a job close to 13 million VND to go to Japan to work

My wife wants me to quit a job close to 13 million VND to go to Japan to work

My wife saw many people going to Japan with remittances, so I told her to find the opportunity to go to Japan for a few years, to earn some money to help her later.

I am 32 years old, my wife is 28, has a 3-year-old child, lives in the suburbs and now has a decent house and a savings book of VND 200 million. Previously, I worked for a Japanese corporation, the monthly income fluctuated about 18 million, the company was 40 km away from home, everyday I had to leave home from 6:10 and go home at 19h00 (time to travel is more than 3 hours). After 6 years of work, I also had a certain position in the company, but the distance traveled and the pressure of work made me tired so I decided to switch jobs near my home. Four months ago, I went to work for a Japanese company, 10 km away from home, where I had to start over and get a salary of 13 million a month.

After returning home, I found the advantage of having a lot of time for my family, improved health, a meaningful life when growing my own vegetables, raising chickens, getting up early to go to the gym, and taking my kids to and from home. Class, in the afternoon go on a walk. But the downside is the opportunity to advance very slowly. Even so the work is not as much pressure as before.

Currently, my husband and I have an income of 20 million dong in May, after deducting all expenses, we have about 8-10 million surplus. With the savings of 200 million, my wife always wanted me to borrow more, buy a car (Class A) so that I could go to work and drive my wife and children whenever I returned to my grandparents (my grandmother's family is 6 km away from my house). I do not want to because if buying a car, I no longer accumulate debt. I explained it to my wife but she seemed dissatisfied, and telling me that people were increasing their salaries, I was getting more and more depressed, which made me even discouraged.

Recently, my wife saw many people going to Japan with remittances, so she told me to find the opportunity to go to Japan for a few years, to earn some money to help with the future. I told my wife that if I went to love only my mother and children at home, I wanted to have another child because I was 32 years old. My wife told me that at home, I will be able to raise her child, and that another child will be fine after I go home to give birth.

If I go to Japan, I'll find orders for engineers to go for free (I have a university degree and Japanese language is okay), but I'm really confused. May everyone have the sincere advice for me. Thank you.


After 5 applications, I should continue to forgive my husband for adultery

After 5 applications, I should continue to forgive my husband for adultery

Up to now, the women he knew officially must be 5 people, but his identity is unknown, needless to say.

My husband and I have been married for more than 15 years. During that time, joy is less but sadness is more. He is the perfect son-in-law in the eyes of his wife's family. As for the children, he is very affectionate, but due to his temper or temper, he sometimes beats his children a little too much. My husband and I work as a freelance business, so I have a lot of free time, so he often goes online to find people to text, if I find any easygoing girl, I will go ahead. I forgave him many times but everything ended up in there.

Recently, I found him interacting with a married woman working away from home. When I asked, he waited until 2-3 days to tell the truth, but only half testified. Up to now, the women he knew officially must be 5 people, but his identity is unknown, needless to say. But when I found out, he promised to change, wishing for his forgiveness and outside, he always completed the role of a good husband and father. Yesterday morning, I took my son to court but he cried because he wanted to be with both parents. This is the fifth time I've filed a lawsuit. Hope everyone give me advice. If for the sake of forgiving him this time, is there any way to treat him?


I will ask my ex-boyfriend for help in my career after 3 years of coma

I will ask my ex-boyfriend for help in my career after 3 years of coma

After more than 3 years, I was surprised by the progress of science, the research and technology in the industry that made me confused.

I authored the article "Waking up after 3 years of coma, I discovered my boyfriend has a new one". Thanks for all the sharing of the readers. Many of you feel like my story is like a movie. I also don't know if you have seen a similar film and hope it is a movie like never before.

All three of us lived and met at a foreign university. No one has a well-off family if not difficult. I personally studied at a high school in Vietnam, where the university entrance exam was awarded extra points. After that, I followed my family to settle abroad. Me and you know each other first and then see the other friend later. Because they studied the same field and were Vietnamese again, all three helped each other to improve together. I have said that the three of us know each other quite well because we share the same difficult, passionate, youthful, strong starting point, and it is important to have common goals and ambitions for a career in a country with many opportunities but fierce competition. Abroad, finding compatriots in the same direction is not easy. That's why I have enough sympathy for the other two. Because all three have enough kindness for each other, that's why it's awkward.

Ever since I woke up, you haven't had a good date. That is why I dated him for 7 days as the last time so that there will be no regrets nor redefining the feelings between the two. Through the conversations, sharing and action, I feel very true about his feelings for me, it is more friendship than love. If someone has really loved, will feel that person still loves you or not.

I met him directly to talk rather than mailing as intended. He said he really didn't know what to do now and didn't want to choose. He would calmly think because time would give all three of them the answer. If given the choice now, nothing is right. He didn't make a choice but I thought it was the right choice for me to stop. I talked to that girl too. She honestly shared that she had a crush on him before I fell into a coma but always refrained from feeling for friendship. In short, I was clear to all but leaving the relationship of the three as the same was impossible.

What matters to me now is my career. Three years of setback is really a challenge for me to catch up with this era. I studied science, long immersion knowledge and inexperience, in this age of science and technology, to get a good job is not easy. After more than 3 years, I was very surprised by the scientific progress that I read through the magazine, there are studies and techniques in the industry that made me confused. Where I live, my experience and my skills are crucial, even though I have a master's degree in science.

Because he worked in the same field and was successful, he offered to help but I was hesitating. If I agreed, the frequency with which we would meet would make it difficult for me. If I disagree, I will extend the difficult process of rebuilding my career, while the cost of living here is not cheap. I am inclined to help him in the beginning, even if the economy has to be stable, I can carry out other plans (I am very realistic). I believe I have the will to control my emotions whenever I see him.

Since this is my first break up, I don't know how much time it will take to forget. May everyone share with me the experience of "recovering from traumatic trauma" after the breakup and how to maintain a moderate relationship with my ex if I still have to meet. Sincere thanks.


My wife always decided everything, making me and my husband follow

My wife always decided everything, making me and my husband listen

When arguing, she criticized me for being poor, criticizing her husband for not buying a house, telling me that I was nothing and demanding a divorce.

My wife and I live in more than a hundred kilometers apart, currently working in the city. My wife was born in a well-off family, was happy from a young age, and I was the opposite. Regarding spending, earn one, spend a wife 1.5. I'm hot-tempered, easy to scowl. And now I follow the Buddha Dharma a lot, everything is offset so it helps.

From the date of marriage, sometimes the couple visit their grandparents. The first New Year came to my husband's house, on the second day of the Lunar New Year, when the doctors were away from home for decades, my mother told my wife and I to stay for lunch and then go home, but the wife said "Mom does not give, please go back". . So that morning, I returned home. My parents are also easy going, not saying anything. But more and more, my wife made herself more determined and refused to listen to anyone. When my child was born, she decided how much time she would spend at home to stay without listening to my grandmother and my grandmother's orders. After coming back to her husband's house for a few weeks, she wanted to go to the city to live, if she did not come to work together, she would show an attitude (I have not yet finished the maternity regime).

I sat and talked with my wife many times but I just argued. When arguing, she criticized me for being poor, criticizing her husband's house for not buying money for buying a house, cutting bread and pouring wine on the wedding day (the custom I did not have), telling me that I was nothing and demanding divorce. I know everyone has a point and that point should accept, moreover because of loving his wife and children. But the more the wife became too much with my whole family, forcing everyone to follow her wishes. I know I'm not well-off, trying to make my life better but can't meet it.

I was wondering whether I should give the city home to relieve my burden. However, my wife decided not to go home, telling me I wanted to go home. If in the city, with the current income will be difficult to meet the needs of his wife. The most important is my calculation like that. Actually I could not accept any more when all his decisions, wife refused to listen and always determined. All day long you insist on going back home, I feel unappreciated. Hope that all of you can help me and my wife and I should stay together again? I was so confused.


Afraid of public opinion, I did not dare to betray my husband, lots of threads

Afraid of public opinion, I did not dare to betray my husband, lots of threads

The husband-in-law let me know that he has a young wife who is an elderly woman and hid from giving me any more information.

I am over 45, 50 years old husband, married for 20 years, have a daughter in high school. My husband and I are civil servants. He is funny, know how to treat people but hot-tempered. I was quiet and quiet, life was hard at first, but I felt satisfied and trusted my husband.

Ten years later, I knew my husband was involved in lots of loans and owe a lot, but because he loved him, I advised him and also borrowed money to pay him back. At the same time, I discovered my husband has a boyfriend. I didn't catch it but the wife's feelings from her husband's accusations denounce it. My mother knew that he had a boyfriend, so he invited him to talk. He acknowledged and promised to take care of my mother and child. I did not confide in anyone, very sad and suicidal but thought of my child when I was 8 years old. Then I rushed to work, earning money to pay off my husband's debt, giving me little encouragement to fix it. I also promise not to gamble anymore. He left her and I always did not care, the family encountered difficulties but saw him loving his wife and children more, I was very happy.

The next 5 years, I found him still playing lottery. I was so disappointed, repaying him, making such sacrifices made no sense to him. I was sad and planned to divorce, but because I loved my children so much at that time, I did not care if I chose to live with my husband. no argument. The affection of husband and wife still exists, but I find myself helpless without advising him. His salary and my main profit is the words, life is more difficult when the daughter is older, the need for study is also much. I just let life go by.

About 6 months now, I know you have an affair again. This woman I know very well because she is an acquaintance and he admitted. I think the wife has merit, the husband does not support, knows how to love his wife and children when they have to face difficulties with him, but without a comfortable economic life, he also has a perfect love for his wife and children. I talked to my husband, and he promised not to contact that girl again. I ignored. As far as I know the person my husband cheated on had a new one, they probably didn't contact each other anymore.

However, my husband's family let me know that he has a young wife who is an elderly woman and hid from giving me any more information. I didn't want to learn more but believed it to be true. Everyday he goes back to normal but cold to me. I think my husband is for money and also has feelings for some older woman. I feel that my husband no longer has feelings for me, living only because my child should ask "did you stop loving me", he didn't admit it, or made me apologize for trifles. Every time you quarrel, say "don't believe, divorce".

There are times when I think about divorce but I'm worried if I leave him now, the public thinks that I have a bit of position, finds him very indebted, so he left. But no one understands how he committed adultery one after another, how hurt I am. Second, I am afraid my daughter will be sad because I love my father very much, and I still have feelings for my husband. I did not see hope for this marriage but was not brave enough to give up. Please everyone give me advice. Sincerely thank.


I do not understand why my husband refuses to proactively close to me

I do not understand why my husband refuses to proactively close to me

He still makes money to support his family, take his wife and children to travel, just sex is absolutely not.

I have been married for 9 years. My husband is good at earning money, skillful communication, wide relationship but playful, is a man of society and not of family. After getting married, only a year is peaceful, then he has another woman. He loved this person so much that we decided to get him divorced. I was heartbroken because I loved 4 years of marriage, but because of his lack of love and self-esteem, no children, we discussed breaking up and separation first. But during this time, I found out pregnant so I did not divorce anymore, he also said to give birth and count.

I know he still goes back and forth with the other girl, going through the night 2-3 times every week, not caring about me. From the time I was pregnant to the time of birth, I went for prenatal check-up. Everyone said that when your child was born, he would be different, I hope so. But when the baby was born, the situation did not change, the couple did not have a common voice or more correctly could not talk to each other. He never went to work or went out for a week, did not call his wife and children, never took my mother and daughter to eat or travel, nor posted photos of their family on social networks. Looking at everyone thought he was unmarried because he was too free. Going to the husband's house also told him to care more about his wife and children.

I have a husband like a single mom. He is only obliged to earn money to support his family. From birth to 5 years old, we have never had sex. Many times I dismissed the ego, asked him why, he said the house was small, she was not convenient, but I knew why. I was depressed many times, thinking about divorce but loving my children, could not afford it, moreover, my salary was low enough to cover expenses, if divorced, I could hardly gain custody. Sometimes I think it's good to live like this for my children, but on the other hand I think I'm still young, living like this is meaningless. So when my 5-year-old child asked for a divorce, he agreed but later told my parents that I still loved my wife and children so we did not divorce anymore. Even so, the affection of husband and wife has not changed.

I live very seriously, determined to actively humble, if not more will really divorce. After some initiative, I was pregnant with my second baby. Now he cares more about his wife and children than before, sharing work. I thought the couple's life would be better, but now, when our child is 2 years old, we have not yet had sex yet. He still earns money to support his family, take his wife and children on vacation, everything like other couples, just that is absolutely not. He never actively hugged his wife or said emotional words. I'm depressed, I don't want to take the initiative anymore because of shame. I feel like you have no other people right now. Obviously you don't want to leave your wife but why not take it for granted? Normally, men have sex with their wives even if they are not determined to leave their wives. I really don't understand why you are? Sometimes I think maybe my husband and I live for our children. Should I continue living like this or divorce? Hope people give me advice. Thank you.


I'm worried about having sex with call girls without protection

I'm worried about having sex with call girls without protection

I promised myself if I didn't get sick, I would love my wife more, stay away from bad habits, bad friends, and stop thinking about girls.

I am nearly 40 years old, married with 2 children who are very well organized. It can be said that I am a person who is willing to study and work. I grew up in the countryside with many evils and addictions. Luckily, I did not suffer from it, but there were several times when I played drugs or called girls.

When I was 32 years old, I married and had children, life could be said to be full. Sometimes my friends (who still have 2 drug players) who are not addicted but still play drugs and invite me. Despite the strong refusal, whenever I drink, I think about it and play with it. There was a time when I was high, I vomited, terribly tired but somehow I still played with it. Then I regretted, tormented horrible conscience. Sometimes my friends ask for money to buy it, but I still give but do not play, except when there is alcohol. Gradually I avoided the group of friends, drinking less and talking more. But living close to home is not easy to avoid. There are periods of a dozen times a year, but there are only five times. This year I played 3 times near Tet. Every time I am very careful.

I am also a sex addict and in high demand. Wife can not meet enough. Even so, I know how to flatter and spoil my wife by doing housework, taking care of and teaching children so she also responds 2-4 times a week. Two months ago, during a business trip away from my wife a week, I went to call a girl. I do not use a condom but it is very controlled so it is quite safe to be pregnant. But when I got home, I was worried and anxious and loved my wife.

During the last humanitarian blood donation, I lost sleep and insomnia when the doctor said my blood had some strange reactions and made an appointment 3 months later for a check up. I was shocked, worried and quite regretted my indulgent lifestyle. I went to the gym, yoga and got into work so I didn't think much about sex but I still couldn't do it. A day without sex is uncomfortable.

Today is about 2 months since the day I called that girl, I have been tested, luckily negative for HIV and some other diseases. But the doctor said he was still unsure of anything, at least another month to be accurate. I took off some of the burden but was still very worried. If I had HIV, I almost lost everything (my wife, my children, my job) and would have infected my wife. These days, I promise myself, if not, I will love my wife more and stay away from bad habits, my friends are playing heroin and not thinking about girls anymore, I'd rather just masturbate. I just want to confide in the anxiety while waiting for a check up. Thank you for reading and sharing.