'African street' in Saigon

'African street' in Saigon

African men eat and drink, listen to loud music until late at night and quarrel and fight; many people are dating Vietnamese middle-aged women.

Nearly a hundred police blockade 'African street' in Saigon

One day after being inspected and administrated by the Ho Chi Minh City Police, around Khang Gia apartment building on Phan Huy Ich street (ward 14, Go Vap district), Africans still sat drinking beer, chatting, running the car goes around but sparser.

This area has 3 places where Africans often focus on eating, entertainment, and trading clothes. The shop is open in association with people of African descent, operating in the form of a nightclub, playing very loud music.

"They drank until midnight, it was not flat yet, there was a day of quarrels, fighting in an uproarious neighborhood where no one could sleep," said Hoai Lam (40 years old) living next to the apartment. two young men of color without a helmet rushed past.


Phi people are still concentrated in Khang Gia apartment area. Photo: Son Hoa

"About 20 days ago, a large crowd of Filipinos rushed to fight with each other very aggressively despite being discouraged. The scuffle was rioting throughout the neighborhood, the local police had to come and resolve this restaurant," said the representative of the area. Street 9, Ward 14, adds.

At a restaurant serving African people, the male staff who often talk to this community said that they are poor and some people know Vietnamese. "I have been working in the shop for 3 months, they are very strict in spending. I have never been given any money despite being well-known to serve foreigners. After 1,000-2,000 VND, they also regained it," the young man said.

According to Mr. Huynh Thanh Tung, head of the neighborhood, there are nearly 100 Africans renting this area, each with dozens of people. In the morning, they worked all kinds of jobs such as selling clothes at the shop, teaching at the English center ... But in the evening, many people were dating with middle-aged Vietnamese women gathered to drink and sing loudly. , disorder.

"Here, we see all Filipinos in the street, drinking in the shop. This area is like their street," Tung said.


Mini bar exclusively for Filipinos when police checked. Photo: N.V

Married Vietnamese, King (Nigerian) is the owner of a coffee shop and restaurant in the area. Talking about the African-American community here, King said they came from many countries such as Ghana, Algeria, Nigeria, Cameroon ... Many visa expired but no Vietnamese guarantee should have passed the "trigger" all 500 dollars, who No money for this service to live under.

King's shop attracts the most guests in the area, opened 7 months ago, but since the day the police checked the administration, this place was gradually absent. The man who spoke Vietnamese confirmed his shop still maintained order and security.

"There are good people everywhere, bad people. Most of us come here to work for a living, just like the Vietnamese people who live in the US, Canada ... Vietnam has the saying 'the worm makes the soup sad'. here too, only a few non-African people have disturbed our image, "King said.


The place was dubbed the "African zone" in Go Vap. Photo: N.V

Earlier, on the night of December 28, nearly a hundred police suddenly checked the restaurants and amusement parks here. Some people of African descent fled, or expressed opposition, leading the task force to use electric batons and other supportive tools to restore order. Near the middle of the night, the police took dozens of people who did not present their papers to their offices, many motorbikes were detained.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Pham Ngoc Tien, Deputy Head of Immigration Management (PA72) - Ho Chi Minh City Police - said, among 52 people sent to the office there were 16 cases being detained for undocumented, 8 people visa overdue up to 9 years. These people will be subject to administrative sanctions and deportation.

The move is part of a peak plan to crack down on crimes before New Year and the Chinese New Year.

Son Hoa