I do not understand why my husband refuses to proactively close to me

I do not understand why my husband refuses to proactively close to me

He still makes money to support his family, take his wife and children to travel, just sex is absolutely not.

I have been married for 9 years. My husband is good at earning money, skillful communication, wide relationship but playful, is a man of society and not of family. After getting married, only a year is peaceful, then he has another woman. He loved this person so much that we decided to get him divorced. I was heartbroken because I loved 4 years of marriage, but because of his lack of love and self-esteem, no children, we discussed breaking up and separation first. But during this time, I found out pregnant so I did not divorce anymore, he also said to give birth and count.

I know he still goes back and forth with the other girl, going through the night 2-3 times every week, not caring about me. From the time I was pregnant to the time of birth, I went for prenatal check-up. Everyone said that when your child was born, he would be different, I hope so. But when the baby was born, the situation did not change, the couple did not have a common voice or more correctly could not talk to each other. He never went to work or went out for a week, did not call his wife and children, never took my mother and daughter to eat or travel, nor posted photos of their family on social networks. Looking at everyone thought he was unmarried because he was too free. Going to the husband's house also told him to care more about his wife and children.

I have a husband like a single mom. He is only obliged to earn money to support his family. From birth to 5 years old, we have never had sex. Many times I dismissed the ego, asked him why, he said the house was small, she was not convenient, but I knew why. I was depressed many times, thinking about divorce but loving my children, could not afford it, moreover, my salary was low enough to cover expenses, if divorced, I could hardly gain custody. Sometimes I think it's good to live like this for my children, but on the other hand I think I'm still young, living like this is meaningless. So when my 5-year-old child asked for a divorce, he agreed but later told my parents that I still loved my wife and children so we did not divorce anymore. Even so, the affection of husband and wife has not changed.

I live very seriously, determined to actively humble, if not more will really divorce. After some initiative, I was pregnant with my second baby. Now he cares more about his wife and children than before, sharing work. I thought the couple's life would be better, but now, when our child is 2 years old, we have not yet had sex yet. He still earns money to support his family, take his wife and children on vacation, everything like other couples, just that is absolutely not. He never actively hugged his wife or said emotional words. I'm depressed, I don't want to take the initiative anymore because of shame. I feel like you have no other people right now. Obviously you don't want to leave your wife but why not take it for granted? Normally, men have sex with their wives even if they are not determined to leave their wives. I really don't understand why you are? Sometimes I think maybe my husband and I live for our children. Should I continue living like this or divorce? Hope people give me advice. Thank you.