I'm worried about having sex with call girls without protection

I'm worried about having sex with call girls without protection

I promised myself if I didn't get sick, I would love my wife more, stay away from bad habits, bad friends, and stop thinking about girls.

I am nearly 40 years old, married with 2 children who are very well organized. It can be said that I am a person who is willing to study and work. I grew up in the countryside with many evils and addictions. Luckily, I did not suffer from it, but there were several times when I played drugs or called girls.

When I was 32 years old, I married and had children, life could be said to be full. Sometimes my friends (who still have 2 drug players) who are not addicted but still play drugs and invite me. Despite the strong refusal, whenever I drink, I think about it and play with it. There was a time when I was high, I vomited, terribly tired but somehow I still played with it. Then I regretted, tormented horrible conscience. Sometimes my friends ask for money to buy it, but I still give but do not play, except when there is alcohol. Gradually I avoided the group of friends, drinking less and talking more. But living close to home is not easy to avoid. There are periods of a dozen times a year, but there are only five times. This year I played 3 times near Tet. Every time I am very careful.

I am also a sex addict and in high demand. Wife can not meet enough. Even so, I know how to flatter and spoil my wife by doing housework, taking care of and teaching children so she also responds 2-4 times a week. Two months ago, during a business trip away from my wife a week, I went to call a girl. I do not use a condom but it is very controlled so it is quite safe to be pregnant. But when I got home, I was worried and anxious and loved my wife.

During the last humanitarian blood donation, I lost sleep and insomnia when the doctor said my blood had some strange reactions and made an appointment 3 months later for a check up. I was shocked, worried and quite regretted my indulgent lifestyle. I went to the gym, yoga and got into work so I didn't think much about sex but I still couldn't do it. A day without sex is uncomfortable.

Today is about 2 months since the day I called that girl, I have been tested, luckily negative for HIV and some other diseases. But the doctor said he was still unsure of anything, at least another month to be accurate. I took off some of the burden but was still very worried. If I had HIV, I almost lost everything (my wife, my children, my job) and would have infected my wife. These days, I promise myself, if not, I will love my wife more and stay away from bad habits, my friends are playing heroin and not thinking about girls anymore, I'd rather just masturbate. I just want to confide in the anxiety while waiting for a check up. Thank you for reading and sharing.