I will ask my ex-boyfriend for help in my career after 3 years of coma

I will ask my ex-boyfriend for help in my career after 3 years of coma

After more than 3 years, I was surprised by the progress of science, the research and technology in the industry that made me confused.

I authored the article "Waking up after 3 years of coma, I discovered my boyfriend has a new one". Thanks for all the sharing of the readers. Many of you feel like my story is like a movie. I also don't know if you have seen a similar film and hope it is a movie like never before.

All three of us lived and met at a foreign university. No one has a well-off family if not difficult. I personally studied at a high school in Vietnam, where the university entrance exam was awarded extra points. After that, I followed my family to settle abroad. Me and you know each other first and then see the other friend later. Because they studied the same field and were Vietnamese again, all three helped each other to improve together. I have said that the three of us know each other quite well because we share the same difficult, passionate, youthful, strong starting point, and it is important to have common goals and ambitions for a career in a country with many opportunities but fierce competition. Abroad, finding compatriots in the same direction is not easy. That's why I have enough sympathy for the other two. Because all three have enough kindness for each other, that's why it's awkward.

Ever since I woke up, you haven't had a good date. That is why I dated him for 7 days as the last time so that there will be no regrets nor redefining the feelings between the two. Through the conversations, sharing and action, I feel very true about his feelings for me, it is more friendship than love. If someone has really loved, will feel that person still loves you or not.

I met him directly to talk rather than mailing as intended. He said he really didn't know what to do now and didn't want to choose. He would calmly think because time would give all three of them the answer. If given the choice now, nothing is right. He didn't make a choice but I thought it was the right choice for me to stop. I talked to that girl too. She honestly shared that she had a crush on him before I fell into a coma but always refrained from feeling for friendship. In short, I was clear to all but leaving the relationship of the three as the same was impossible.

What matters to me now is my career. Three years of setback is really a challenge for me to catch up with this era. I studied science, long immersion knowledge and inexperience, in this age of science and technology, to get a good job is not easy. After more than 3 years, I was very surprised by the scientific progress that I read through the magazine, there are studies and techniques in the industry that made me confused. Where I live, my experience and my skills are crucial, even though I have a master's degree in science.

Because he worked in the same field and was successful, he offered to help but I was hesitating. If I agreed, the frequency with which we would meet would make it difficult for me. If I disagree, I will extend the difficult process of rebuilding my career, while the cost of living here is not cheap. I am inclined to help him in the beginning, even if the economy has to be stable, I can carry out other plans (I am very realistic). I believe I have the will to control my emotions whenever I see him.

Since this is my first break up, I don't know how much time it will take to forget. May everyone share with me the experience of "recovering from traumatic trauma" after the breakup and how to maintain a moderate relationship with my ex if I still have to meet. Sincere thanks.